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Response Center #24601

A Scream in the Shape of a Theory

Agent Tomato
External Services:
  • agent_tomato@livejournal.com
Welcome to Response Centre #24601! We are a part of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, in the Department of Mary-Sues. The task of the PPC is to slay bad fanfiction, wherever it may lurk, in the most painful way possible. So far, we have slain Mary-Sues in the Lord of the Rings and Les Miserables continua, and we have plans to venture into Firefly, Harry Potter, and Pride and Prejudice in the future. We were given Official Permission to write missions in May 2007 by the Permission Givers of the PPC Posting Board.

The residents of RC #24601:

Maria Falcone: An often hot-tempered young woman with a Saracen bow and a strong crush on Inspector Javert from Les Mis, Maria spends her free time listening to Broadway musicals. She has been an agent of DoMS for some time and presumably had a partner before Crispin, but no word has yet been heard of him or her.

Crispin Reed: Formerly of the Department of Geological Aberrations, Crispin has a passion for fire and science-fiction and gets a bit squicked by slash. His last partner, Agent Coriander, went insane after a particularly bad Harry Potter fic that misplaced Romania, Wales, and England.

Agent Tomato: A mysterious figure, never appearing in missions but representing RC #24601 on the Posting Board, Livejournal, and the Pit of Voles.

Sir Rodric Murgatroyd: A Mini-Major-General from the Gilbert and Sullivan musical Ruddigore, given to the agents by Tawaki.

Enjorlas: A Mini-Brick rescued from a Les Miserables Suefic, now staying permanently in RC #24601 now that his adoption has been authorized by UDEM.